Portrait of a young French-Israeli

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My name is *** classified ***, I’m 22 years old, I’m Franco-Israeli. After my bachelor degree, I worked as an educator with children in need. If I worked in social rehabilitation, I’ve always knew it would be temporary. Indeed, I have always been fascinated by the intervention brigades like the GIGN in France or the Yamam in Israel. I’ve always had the taste of action and risk.

I want to help people, whatever their religion or origins, and for me it means defending the nation first and foremost.

I was born in France, my language is French (I don’t speak Hebrew), but I have decided to do my service in Israel. Training in Poland allows me to prepare with professionals before starting my service. During the CQB (Close quarter Battle) seminar, my second seminar after the pistol seminar done in 2019, I learned how to corner a room from the outside using Technics like slicing the pie.



I learned how to work and to enter a room solo and in a two-man team. I was also exposed to hazard during a dangerous team workshop of three-man team that could have gone wrong! I was in position #2 when *** Data cannot be founded, an error occurred ***.


Why have I decided too do my service in Israel and not joined a regiment of the French army?

In Israel, I will have the opportunity to face sensitive situations, I will be tested. The kind of action, I could have hardly found in France. If I had heard RETEX of the French military who would have escorted fire trucks in the heart of the social housing projects, ensuring the safety at the new year’s eve or during riots to prevent cars and public infrastructure from getting burned in bad blocks, I would have signed right away.

If I had been offered bold missions, if I had been able to evolve in a hostile environment, ready to intervene, with permission to fire if I was attacked, I would have changed my mind. But unfortunately, that was not the French Agenda for the next five years for sure…

The second reason that led me to join Israel is about values:

– A well-defined identity

– A vision well defined, a project

– NO compromises in the defense of my people

This all made me commit to Tsahal. I supposed that for most of my French compatriots, these words are taboos, but I totally assume them. When you put your life on the line, you can’t lie to yourself, you need clear and strong convictions.

In France, whether it’s within the mainland or in Mali in OPEX, it feels like the army is fighting against ghosts. We have to defend people who are hostile to us, who want us to leave, when they don’t just want us dead. We are prohibited from neutralizing the most direct threats. Our enemies are getting more and more violent while we’re handcuffed. Defending our borders? For French leaders, this is a fight of the past. Truth be told, I don’t understand the Republican project. It’s missing a directing line.

In Israel, in the face of a threat, we must act. Armed resistance is a duty. I have noticed that in France victims were worshiped. Everyone wants to be a victim, whether for objective or imaginary reasons. In Israel, we aspire to defeat our enemies. No medals for the whiners. I found this direct action mentality at Hussard. Nothing can justify the lack of reaction or poor preparation in the face of a death threat. In this respect, it is surprising that some individuals and business ventures denounce Hussard’s approach and its communication. They consider it as  “ideological” to better disqualify it. It shows that spirit of collaboration is still alive in France, its face just changed.

To conclude, I will say that I have learnt a lot during the pistol and CQB seminars in Warsaw. It was the first time for me I had been in the world of professional operators. It strengthened my desire to join the army. I recommend the Hussard training to my French and Israeli compatriots, both civilians and military

Haval al hazman !







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