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I am the author of the website I promote a positive survivalism, for yourself, but also for others. I share simple procedures and strategies to gain self-sufficiency, which everyone can achieve with a little goodwill.
What Brought Me To Survivalism?
I am from Brittany, but I’ve lived in Switzerland for six years now. I spent my childhood in Finistère building cabins in the woods, fishing, craft, gardening, caring for animals, hiking. My studies, then my work led me to live in the big cities. I was amazed by the dependence of city residents on service economy. All basic manual skills are bought, nothing is produced, everything is imported. In the event of a crisis, people would simply be unable to get away with it. The truth is that we are assisted. We are so used to supermarkets that we don’t even know where the food came from. As my grandpa would say, most of us don’t even know how to hit a nail.
So after studying information technology and working for an investment consulting firm, I quickly realized that:
computer systems that I know very well are much more sensitive than we think.
finance is completely uncorrelated to the real market. The majority of people are cut off from nature, without even knowing it. The majority of the population is not able to take care or defend itself in case of problems or attack.
In a nutshell, our society has lost its meaning.
It was this radical awareness that made me interested in the survivalist movement.
Survivalism has nothing to do with doomers waiting for the doomsdays with unhealthy excitement, I have discovered people who are close to nature, who are simply looking for more autonomy. People who wished to be able to take care of themselves in case the shit hits the fan and be able to help others in need.
My Discovery Of The Shooting
In France, I admit that I wasn’t really interested in shooting. I come from a “liberal” family where the guns are not very well seen. I discovered this discipline in Switzerland. The law is more flexible than in France overthere, but above all there is a real culture of shooting and weapons. The Swiss are passionate about it, they have the love for precision. That said, range legislation is also restrictive. Shooting in a static position in a well-lit room, always at the same distance and at the same target has nothing to do with a real situation under stress. I managed to find some tactical shooting classes, but to me not pushed far enough, and very expensive.
I discovered Hussard watching a Code Rno video.
Fifteen  minutes later I sent Gregory an email, we called each other in the afternoon, and booked my tickets to Poland at the end of the day.
The Pistol Training
The Hussard training began on Friday night with an initiation to the bleeding  control with an active Polish operator. We did some theory, then we worked hard on applying an israelian compress and tourniquet. We made an extensive, usage of the tourniquet especially, on the ground,  sitting, with one arm, in low light. Then we moved to the parking lot of the residence to drill some first responder scenarios..
If a resident had seen us, he would have wondered what the heck we were doing with all the blood everywhere, the prosthetic bodies and screaming, are they mad men ?!
The next day we went straight to the shooting range, departure at 7:45 in the morning. We met our instructor, Adam, a great professional passionate about his job, technically really good. We felt he knew his subject.
The morning was devoted to the safety rules and basic gun mechanic. Nothing new to me, but safety is safety
The theoretical study of an active shooter attacking in a mall was interesting. It made me think about our legal responsibility, the risks involved, and the multitude of consequences of using a weapon in a public place. Here for a day, legally prosecuted for years.
Then we worked dry. The instructor taught us a grip I had never seen in Switzerland.
We continued with some shooting in the afternoon. I noticed the other interns took things seriously and there was no cowboy on the team.
Guns are designed  to kill, out of question to train next to someone who acts as a clown.
After some classic shots to judge our level, Adam taught us some quick shooting and reloading techniques. On Sunday we went to situation and dynamic shooting. 9-hole to emulate shot behind a cover, front, back and lateral moves (the most difficult), guns switch, counter attack facing a knife attack at short distance and from the ground.
Antoine regain initiative by point shooting at the menace
I really had a lot of fun!
Before coming, I was a confirmed and precise shooter, but I was limited to the good old  gun on the table practice.
Spending two days with a loaded  gun on me, practicing  dynamic drills  opened me new doors.
It’s like playing a 3 dimensional game after playing 2D for 5 years. Quite a shock !
I was totally out of my comfort zone.
If one day I’m attacked, I would be much more effective to use it. Obviously, like Adam said,  being “proficient” requires thousands of repetitions. Two days is short, but I could have acquired the basics of modern combat shooting. I will not forget this training  I received in Warsaw, I will dry drill the techniques I’ve learnt back home. my passion for shooting has been revived.
Thanks to Gregory for the training. I’ll be back soon for an the infantry seminar !



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